Product Description

“Autofacer” Back Spot Facing and Counterboring Tools

The “Autofacer” tools perform manual or automatic back spot facing and counterboring operations on any type of CNC, automatic or manual machine up to 2.2x’s the pilot bore diameter (and more on larger diameter tools).

Product Features

  • Chip-to-Chip times reduced by as much as 80% over conventional tools
  • Eliminates costly second operations and saves time through process improvement
  • 6 different methods of cutter activation offer a solution to suit any manual or CNC machine
  • Friction clutch ensures the blade opens and closes positively and reliably each and every time
  • Tools can perform heavy interrupted cuts smoothly without excessive chatter
  • Minimum pilot hole diameter is Ø6.35mm (0.250”)
  • Unlimited depth to diameter ratio due to the support pilot
  • Cutters supplied in a wide range of materials and coatings
  • Precision back boring and large diameter tools available
  • Short delivery times using standard components
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