Product Description

“BCU” Back Chamfering Unit

The “BCU” back chamfer unit is the fast, efficient method for the production of precision back chamfers and back countersinks and precision deburring of holes.

The system ensures precise control of the chamfer size and concentricity to the bore.

Product Features

  • Precision back chamfering and deburring of holes
  • Suitable for CNC, manual and special purpose machinery
  • Total cycle time typically less than 5 seconds
  • Chamfers produced concentric to bore due to pilot location
  • Rigid set-up with cutter mounted within support pilot
  • Micro-adjustment of chamfer size using limiting nut or CNC machine control
  • Ø10mm shank standard with alternative options available
  • Standard pilot sizes from Ø4.76mm to Ø20mm
  • 2 Standard pilot lengths for bores up to 25mm or 45mm length
  • 45° cutters standard but other angles available
  • Various cutter materials available with a range of coatings to suit most applications
  • Special designs available
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