Installing & Changing the Cutter & Pilot

BCU Detail

1.) Hook cutter onto Cutter Pivot Pin while compressing the Plunger & Plunger Spring back in to the Shank.

BCU Detail 2

2.)Align slot in Pilot to the Cutter and insert Pilot into Shank. Lock into position by tightening the Pilot Locking Screw.
Screw the Housing on to the Bearing Assembly.

BCU Install

Rotate Adjustment Collar and Housing until the cutter is in the correct position relative to the nose piece. Secure the lock screw in the top of Housing.

BCU Install 2

Set the gap to determine the diameter of chamfer to be cut. On manual machines the Limiting Nut on the Shank is used to control the chamfer size. On CNC machines the nut should be removed and the axis control used to determine the chamfer size.

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