Using the Elliott Diamond Burnishing Tool

Standard tool set-up

The diamond burnishing tool should be mounted so the diamond is on centre and perpendicular to the surface being burnished.

The diamond stem is mounted in the holder under spring tension. The surface finish obtained is determined by adjusting the pressure applied until the desired finish is achieved.

In setting up the tool, bring the diamond so it just touches against the work piece then feed the tool in until the spring has been deflected about 0.25mm [0.010”] which allows the diamond stem to “float”. Increasing the deflection can improve the finish generated but do not compress the diamond stem and the spring until solid, around 6mm (0.25”), as damage to the diamond may occur.

Do not try to feed the tool on or off the end of the part, or burnish intermittent part surfaces, using this set-up. Since the tool is spring loaded, it is necessary that you feed the tool against the surface being burnished and remove the tool from the surface.

Interrupted surface tool set-up

Bring the diamond so it just touches against the work then feed the tool in until the spring has been deflected between 0.05mm - 0.08mm [0.002” - 0.003”]. This setting will allow the tool to be fed on and off the work piece, or across interruptions, without damaging the diamond. Increasing the spring tension using the cap head screw will apply more pressure to improve the surface finish. Do not increase the amount of deflection as this will lead to damage to the work piece and diamond.

To replace the diamond stem, remove the button head screw and take out the diamond stem and spring. Insert the replacement diamond stem and spring then replace and tighten the button head screw.

The diamond tool can burnish most materials up to 40 HRc, from a 2.5µm (100 CLA) pre-finish, to 0.05-0.2µm (2-8 CLA). Harder materials up to 60HRc can also be burnished, but with lesser amounts of improvement.

Operating Instructions

Part Preparation – 2.5µm - 3.0µm (100 - 120 CLA) constant and tear free finish
Speed: Up to 220m/min (750SFM)    Feed Rate: 0.075mm - 0.10mm (0.003” - 0.004”)
Coolant must be used at all times. The diamond’s precision ground surface can be damaged if the tool is used without flood coolant on the diamond. Coolant Required – water soluble or oil

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