IRU-2 Head Information

IRU-2 Head Details

IRU-2 Head Features

“LCR” Large Capacity Recessing System

  1. Operating head
  2. Stop Collar
  3. Nose Piece
  4. Location Pilot
  5. Cutter Carry Arm
  6. Form cutter
  • Internal Coolant standard
  • Ø25mm, Ø20mm and Ø1”shanks
  • Nº2 and Nº3 Morse taper shanks
  • Automotive threaded shanks optional
  • Override adaptors available
  • Integral cutters used for pilots from Ø6 to Ø14mm
  • Cutter carry arm and replaceable cutters used above Ø14mm
  • Cutters available in HSS, brazed carbide and solid carbide with a variety of surface coatings

An alternative system designed for applications where deeper, wider groove forms are required.
Also to suit large diameter bores.

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