Setting the IRU System

Installing IRU Cutters and Arms

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Hold the cutter or the carrier arm with cutter attached at 90º to the leaf spring and insert it into the operating head.

Rotate the cutter 90º so that the yoke of the cutter straddles the pull pin. The leaf spring will come to rest on the pad of the arm as shown.

Align the pilot to the cutter and insert the pilot until the cam surface of the cutter engages the pilot.

Lock the pilot in place with the screw, as shown. When the adjustment stop collar is in place, this screw is tightened through a slot in the stop collar.

IRU Setting Procedure

Detail 1
Detail 2

2) Set the diameter of groove to be cut.

On manual machines the lock nut on the shank is used to control the groove diameter. On CNC machines the nut should be removed and the machine axis control used to determine the groove diameter.

1) Set the Nose Piece relative to the cutter.

Rotate the Stop Collar and Nose Piece assembly until the cutter is in the correct position relative to the nose piece and secure the lock screw.


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