Mechanical Joining Tools Technical Information

MEchanical Joining Tool Tech Information

Elliott is the industry leader in providing mechanical joining tools for joining tubes to fittings and flanges.

The mechanical joining tool consists of a cage, tapered mandrel and inversely tapered rolls, allowing for true parallel expansion.

The tool size is controlled with an adjustment nut which allows the operator to set the tool to any tolerance required. Alternatively, the tool can be used in a fully automated system for producing mechanical joints.

The tool can be driven by hand with a suitable wrench, by air or electric motors which Elliott can supply with torque control, or using standard workshop machinery.

The mechanical joining tool is set in two stages. The rolls are set in the correct length position relative to the component using the Locating Collar. The size of the tool is then set using the Adjustment Nut although the exact setting depends upon the specific application.

When using these tools it is important a quality lubricant is used to ensure correct function of the tool. Elliott offers their “TD” Expander Lubricant.

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