Product Description

Roller Burnishing

Roller burnishing is a surface finishing process used for precision finishing of a work piece surface. It is a chipless machining method which cold works the metal without cutting or abrading the surface. It removes no metal but rather compresses, or “irons out”, the peaks of a metal surface into the valleys, generating a dense and uniform surface. Tools can be used on any driven machine spindle with the burnishing process being fast, efficient and cost effective.

Product Features

  • Improve surface finish - as low as 0.05mm Ra
  • Improve surface hardness up to 10%
  • Improve dimensional accuracy
  • Reduce noise & friction levels
  • Improve fatigue life
  • Improve corrosion resistance
  • Increase production output
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Low skill levels required
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Long tool life
  • Low inventory requirements
  • Conventional part preparation
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